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Reviews & Testimonials From Parents Around The World...

Using the biomedical autism intervention techniques by world renowned Autism Treatment Specialist Physician, Dr. Kurt Woeller, these parents and caregivers of children on the Autism-Spectrum have improved the health and lives of their loved ones. Some have even fully recovered their children from Autism.

  • Nicole L., Parent of Child With Autism

"Dear Dr. Woeller,

First of all, let me express our family's sincere gratefulness to you! Having implemented your recommendations for 2 weeks, my son has made great progress! He is more calm, more focused, more understanding, more cooperative......everything becomes better. His school teacher praised him many times for his progress. It is just 2 weeks and he is becomign another sweet boy! Sometimes I looked at him and couldn't believe he is MY SON!

I just want to let you know our progress and let other parents here know
that natural supplements can do the miracles too! Do the tests and
supplement accordingly!

It seems too good to believe! I am so rested now and sometimes I even have the time to think if he is going to regress some day later? (Oh my!)

Again, our sincere thankfulness to you and your team!"

  • – Valerie K., Parent of a Child With Autism

“Thank you again…and I know I speak for all of us when I say that we are so grateful and lucky to have you and your knowledge and caring to be able to help our kids, and be only a few keystrokes away. It is very comforting and my family appreciates you and all you do very much.”

  • – Ilana G., Parent Of A Child With Autism & Director of The Star Academy, Africa

"Access to a biomedical treatment plan is vital in order to ensure victory over autism. 
Parents often feel overwhelmed by all the information and decision making when their child receives an autism diagnosis. Choosing the right doctor to guide you in order to ensure that your child receives the best possible chance to access the right medical treatment plan is essential. The Autism Recovery System was designed and made available by Dr Kurt Woeller an expert in autism treatment and a doctor with many years of experience treating autistic children.

My family has been consulting with Dr Woeller for 12 years having been introduced to him by a very well known autism activist and respected doctor, Dr Jacquelyn McCandless. Dr Woeller, has years of experience and knowledge having treated thousands of children with autism around the world. He is well researched, caring and has made a significant contribution to the well being of two of my sons who received an autism diagnosis. I am also the Director of the Star academy an academy that provides aba services to children in africa. I have been responsible for the education programs of many autistic children over the last 7 years and i feel it is essential for parents to consult and be guided by a doctor like Dr Woeller. A comprehensive biomedical treatment plan is key to recovery. I have personally witnessed how he has assisted numerous children in South Africa get better and make significant progress in catching up their development and skills deficits.

Dr. Woeller's understanding of the underlying causes of autism and how to treat these complex medical challenges causing the symptoms we call autism is extensive. Over the years we have often been faced with difficult decisions on how to treat the medical issues that arose and each time Dr. Woeller was able to listen to all the information presented and make a recommendation we were always confident in following. 

I consult with many parents weekly whose children have received an autism diagnosis. My role is to give them information to empower them to tackle the challenges of autism. I always refer them to Dr. Woeller's membership website. Dr Woeller has successfully helped countless children over the years to overcome the medical pathologies which left untreated could leave them with a debilitating illness and poor quality of life. His understanding of chemistry and biology and years of experience sets him apart. Accessing dr woeller's treatment plan is a necessity and i highly recommend dr woeller. 
To all the children and families around the world my message to you is one of hope. Do not despair - autism is a treatable medical illness and recovery is possible. I also recommend Dr. Woeller's book " The Road to Recovery" which you can purchase on amazon. Your child can get much better and especially in the hands of a competent and experienced medical professional such as Dr. Woeller."

  • – Parent Of A Child With Autism

“I’m sure you hear this every day, but thank you so much for putting your membership website, together. It’s amazing! Your information, as well as everything from other parents, provides such a depth of support that is greatly appreciated!”

  • – Jenna W., Star Academy, Africa

"I have worked with Dr. Woeller for several years and could not have asked for a more approachable, professional, and knowledgeable individual to guide the biomedical interventions of my clients. The journey through Autism Spectrum Disorder can be a challenging one, and having Dr. Woeller so readily accessible despite his esteemed global reputation has been a blessing and a privilege. He lends sensitivity and an astute eye to the ongoing consultation process, which in turn provides the safety and comfort of knowing that you are in his capable hands.

In addition to having been fortunate enough to have consulted with Dr Woeller, I have attended a training of his on biomedical intervention. Never before or since have biomedical options been explained to me in such a concise manner. Biomedical intervention options can be virtually incomprehensible to someone with no medical background, but Dr. Woeller has a gift for presenting the material in a way that makes sense and is practical. I look forward to continuing my career and my journey with Dr. Woeller by my side."

See how Autism Recovery System can help your child...
  • – Terri H., Parent of Recovered Autism Child

"I LOVE IT!!! What a great concept. This is fabulous. There are so many people just HERE in AZ that are clueless about Biomed and want to get started but don't know how, don't have money, insurance doesn't cover, etc. This is a very happy medium, I think, for people to get access to testing and then help deciphering what it means, plus a network of experienced parents and Dr. Woeller in the Parent chat room."

  • – Celeste M., Parent of a child with Autism

"Dr. Woeller's Membership website is an amazing tool, essential for all parents implementing biomedical treatments. The information found in this site would benefit patients who see Dr. Woeller at his office, as well as those who do not. As I watched some of the lectures I was able to clear up some material that I did not fully grasp before. 

My husband and I just returned from a biomedical autism conference and I felt I could have saved myself $400 and just went over the website for 8 hours. SERIOUSLY! What a great resource! I love that I can research my questions any time of day, when the kids are asleep or when I only have 5 minutes to spare.  

every once in awhile I break down with heavy tears when I cannot control the emotional scars that are still there. It is at times like this that I turn to this website. I love that every time I come away from the site I am empowered by the information found there. I build my resolve, not to surrender to autism and fight my way to recovery for my son and my family. I only wish I had this resource in beginning. I am just thankful to have it now!"

  • – Michele S., Parent of a Child With Autism

"What a GREAT website!! I can't believe how much information you have collected and placed on this site.  It's amazing!!  I wish this was  here  when I was starting out. This is the first Defeat Autism Now (DAN!) doctor - involved message board - which is HUGE to the community. People are paying their Defeat Autism Now (DAN!) doctors from $300 - $500 per hour for a visit or telephone consultation, but for the price of membership they can have access to one of these doctors and group of experienced parents all year. As Jenny McCarthy says, when her  son was diagnosed, there was no "here's what to do" brochure. This website is it!"

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  • – Charlotte S., Grandmother of a Precious Grandson Recovering From Autism

“At age 3 1/2 we got the news “Your son/grandson has Autism.” When I heard those words I knew that I would have to be the one to find the roads we needed to travel. After reading books and researching the internet I felt we needed to do Bio Medical treatments. Living in a small town we had no DAN doctors. For two years we struggled to get the help we needed, trying to find doctors that would support the Bio Medical protocol. That’s when we found  Dr. Kurt Woeller. To my amazement he immediately responded to our questions and set up a video conference. In just 3 short weeks we had a doctor working for us and leading us down the roads we needed to travel. He worked with us in getting a referral for scopes and expedited our procedure with a world renown Doctor. Today because of the wonderful advice and educational video chats, we have a grandson that is (we believe) on the final road to recovery. We know we will be in a fight possibly for the rest of our lives to keep him recovered, but we also know we are not alone. We have a great leader. I know that twice a week I can ask questions on the Private Forum and seek immediate advice. This is absolutely the most powerful website in educating the parents of our precious children. We will forever be grateful and thankful for the help that we are receiving. Thank you.”

  • – Erin K., Parent of a Child With Autism

“When my daughter was diagnosed with Autism 3 years ago I would have done anything to have something like this website to turn to. Doctors diagnose your child like she has a cold and give you no information on what it is or how to help your child. I spent the first year after my daughter was diagnosed researching anything and everything I could about autism. I didn’t find even a fraction of the information that is provided in this website. Everything is all right there, current research and therapies, the ability to talk with other parents dealing with the same struggles you face, and most importantly, direct contact with a caring doctor who has dedicated his career to treating our children. Whenever I meet anyone who has or knows a child with autism, I tell them about this wonderful service and encourage them to get plugged in. It is a valuble resource for parents and we are very thankful for it.”

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  • – Laura D., Parent of Child With Autism

“This year I am giving thanks for this website, this great resource you have created. Thank you, Dr. Woeller, for bringing so much help to my son and my family. All the best!”

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