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    Jaelyn Gutierrez

    Hi Dr!
    I need some direction again. Jacob recently got sick with a viral infection/cold. We all got it. But it seemed to flare up something in his system. I think maybe he has pans?
    He started tearing shirts again and taking the strings out and eating them. He hadn’t done that in over a year.
    He is clearing his throat constantly which I read maybe Pans. He has various vocal tics and his OCD is up.
    Do you have any protocols for PANS? I read on someones blog that their NP recommended Goldenseal 2 twice daily, magnesium and NAC, for a pandas flare. I’m not sure if that would help for a PANS flare?
    Can you give me some suggestions?

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    Jaelyn Gutierrez

    Also Dr,
    I found this info about a protocol that Regarding Caroline blog used on her child.
    What do you think?
    regardingcaroline.com She used this Natural alternative to prescription antibiotics for STREP / PANDAS Disease Goldenseal (GS) — 500 mg, 4-5x per day Oil of Oregano (OoO) — 2 drops, 5x per day (tiny softgels equal 6 drops) Berberine complex — 200 mg, 5x per day Olive Leaf Extract (OLE) — 200 mg, 4x per day* Lauricidin — 1 pellet, 4x per day*

    Please let me know? Thanks

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    Jaelyn Gutierrez

    Dr Woeller,

    I think Pans might be the missing link as to why Jacob is still severely autistic. I can’t rest until I help him get better.

    Please help me

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    There is no one specific protocol for PANDAS/PANS, but the one you listed from Regarding Caroline is similar to others. BioBotanical Research as similar products and they have some good support staff that could assist. I would suggest contacting them directly at https://biocidin.com and inquire about their Biocidin and Olivirex products.

    Dr. Woeller

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    Jaelyn Gutierrez

    Ok thanks Dr! 🙂

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