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    Jaelyn Gutierrez

    Hi Dr!
    I need some direction again. Jacob recently got sick with a viral infection/cold. We all got it. But it seemed to flare up something in his system. I think maybe he has pans?
    He started tearing shirts again and taking the strings out and eating them. He hadn’t done that in over a year.
    He is clearing his throat constantly which I read maybe Pans. He has various vocal tics and his OCD is up.
    Do you have any protocols for PANS? I read on someones blog that their NP recommended Goldenseal 2 twice daily, magnesium and NAC, for a pandas flare. I’m not sure if that would help for a PANS flare?
    Can you give me some suggestions?

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    Jaelyn Gutierrez

    Also Dr,
    I found this info about a protocol that Regarding Caroline blog used on her child.
    What do you think?
    regardingcaroline.com She used this Natural alternative to prescription antibiotics for STREP / PANDAS Disease Goldenseal (GS) — 500 mg, 4-5x per day Oil of Oregano (OoO) — 2 drops, 5x per day (tiny softgels equal 6 drops) Berberine complex — 200 mg, 5x per day Olive Leaf Extract (OLE) — 200 mg, 4x per day* Lauricidin — 1 pellet, 4x per day*

    Please let me know? Thanks

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    Jaelyn Gutierrez

    Dr Woeller,

    I think Pans might be the missing link as to why Jacob is still severely autistic. I can’t rest until I help him get better.

    Please help me

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    There is no one specific protocol for PANDAS/PANS, but the one you listed from Regarding Caroline is similar to others. BioBotanical Research as similar products and they have some good support staff that could assist. I would suggest contacting them directly at https://biocidin.com and inquire about their Biocidin and Olivirex products.

    Dr. Woeller

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    Jaelyn Gutierrez

    Ok thanks Dr! 🙂

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    Roshan De Alwis

    What is PAN/PANDAS and how does it differentiate from AUTISM?

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    PANDAS (similar to PANS) is an autoimmune disorder triggered by Group A Beta-Hemolytic Strep. It can cause vocal and motor tics, OCD, ADHD and regressive behavior problems. There are many children with PANDAS who are not autistic and some kids with autism who have PANDAS. What isn’t associated with PANDAS is the language, stereotypical and social problems characteristic of autism.

    Dr. Woeller

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