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    Rana M

    My son has reacted to some supplements and I was told he might be an over methylator. Is this typical for kids on the spectrum, is there a test that would show wether he over or under methylates. Is there a big difference is what supplements can be given depending is methylation status?

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      My apologies. Somehow this message didn’t notify me.

      This is a big topic and there are tests that might suggest over-methylation and under-methylation. Two common ones used via blood testing are Serum Histamine and Serum Homocysteine.

      Great Plains Laboratory as a Methylation Panel that looks at the genetics of Methylation – https://www.greatplainslaboratory.com/dna-methylation

      But, supplement reactions can occur from digestive system imbalances from yeast and bacteria too.

      What lab tests have you done so far?

      Dr. Woeller

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