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    Suzana Vekasuiv

    I think one of my daughters Veronika could have pans. She was seizures free for years then diagnosed with Lennox-Gastaut. First time it started after GIT infection. The second time it was mosquito bite (Bartonella Henslee and Quintana IgG highly positive). Third time (now) it was ear infection. Two times seizures disappeared after azitromicin+fever, she was seizure-free for several months. Now she is under treatment for ear infection with azithromycin. I know that seizures won’t stop because azithromycin alone was never enough to stop seizures. It must be accompanied with several days of fever. (fever alone was never enough as well as other antibiotics; it must be azithromycin+fever) She does not have a fever now, and the doctor does not want to give her azithromycin longer than 5 days because she doesn’t believe me it stops seizures. I do not know what is the cause of ear infection – it lasts now since last summer with no cure. First we diagnosed Moraxella catharralis and later all findings came out as “normal flora” – nose, throat and ear culture. Please help. What could be done with herbal remedies? She also hyperventilates, trying to strangle herself and this makes more seizures and worsens her condition.
    Second daughter is even worse. Karolina cannot walk anymore. She sleeps sometimes 20 hrs/day. She was never seizure free but is having fewer seizures but stronger. Her condition seems to me is mostly related to her digestion, she is having smelly stools, bloating and stool consistency is clay-like; in bad days it is dark-green. “normal” stool testing didn’t reveal anything – no bad bacteria, no parasites. She was having episodes of low body temperature which started after lumbar puncture and she had a rash around it. It seems to me that sleeping episodes started after this treatment. She also went through the same infections as I described for her sister and is currently also under treatment for ear infection with azithromycin. Last time she responded also well on azithromicin+fever, with less seizures but it lasted only 5 days.
    They both have constipation, but a month ago I almost removed laxatives because they are not needing it as often; but I do not like stool consistency, bloating and gasses they have now, It worsens condition they have (more seizures). What worries me that amount of stool and frequency decreased dramatically (they were regular, having big stools every day); now stools are small, clay-like, 1/3 of what was before and they are not regular anymore.
    They both have chromosomopathy IDIC15, but what I described is not related to it. We have done a lot of blood tests, not everything is normal but also not severely disturbed. Recently they came out with increased IgG4 fraction.
    Please help us at liest with those infections-related seizures…

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      My apologies for not seeing this message. Sometimes the computer system doesn’t notify of postings.

      Chronic infections are always difficult. One of the better supplements I have found is Biocidin LSF from BioBotanical Research – https://biocidin.com. You can inquire with them about dosing and other suggestions.

      Have you done any other testing such as the Organic Acids Test and Food IgG testing from Great Plains Laboratory – https://greatplainslaboratory.com. This could help determine some things that could contribute to chronic digestive problems and exacerbate seizures.

      Dr. Woeller

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