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    Ang Beng

    Hello doctor,

    My daughter has been recommended Adenosyl/ Hydroxy B12 through oral (1000 mcg/ml, now we settled on 0.75 ml everyday after some adjustments). she is ~ 17.5 kg.
    There have been some improvements in her behaviour as in she is now more receptive to trying different things and also more acceptable towards explanations on the things she cannot have. However, I thought some initial improvements in eye contact/ awareness seen when we first started the therapy seems to be lost. Also, her energy level seems to be low although there are times she is hyper active in the night. She did show some extra mouthing as well as twisting of tongue which I read are typical side effects of a B12 protocol.

    She is also taking Super Liquid Folate which contains 400 mcg of natural folate (as folinic acid), along with 40 mcg of vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin) per one drop serving

    Like to check if you think this is a dosage issue or whether there is something else that was missed ?

    I am thinking of switching her to methyl B12 by injection but wonder what is the difference between taking Adenosyl B12 versus B12. Also is some form of folate also required ? Do let me know, thank you.


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      Ang Beng

      You may have missed my query above, can you help to answer it ? Thank you

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      Ang Beng

      Hello Doctor,

      Can you help me with my query ? I have been waiting for some time for the response

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